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Initial Auditing

Cleaning systems, processes and standards from chemicals and products used to staff knowledge and execution of tasks.

Staff Training

Initial & ongoing staff training for cleaning operatives & supervisors based on BICsc cleaning methods. On or offsite training available.

Monitoring and Feedback

Periodic audits at regular intervals from weekly, monthly or quarterly to suit your requirements with reports produced within 48 hours.

Cleaning Specification

Providing detailed cleaning specifications that cleaning staff can understand and follow for every single area or your premises.


UK Cleaning Inspectors (UKCI) is here to help you manage your existing cleaning teams. We understand that many organisations employ their own cleaning staff, but do not necessarily always have the time to monitor their performance.

This is where UKCI can help.

UKCI can help with everything from the initial training of cleaning staff and the production of cleaning specifications, to auditing and monitoring the cleaning activities and providing detailed feedback to you. To find out more please follow the links above…